Franchise Conditions

Become Your Own Boss

According to recent researches, more than half of the working population in our country wants to establish their own business. But tough competition conditions make a start from scratch pretty risky. That's why dreams are generally postponed.

KARAFIRIN, with its experience and brand value, by removing all these negative factors, facilitates the investors to focus all their energy and motivations on their own businesses.

By signing a "franchise" agreement with KARAFIRIN, you will feel the continuous support of an experienced and practiced team. Furthermore, you will not be obliged to deal with production, product development, and new product risk management.

Do not postpone your dreams, contact us to become your own boss.

Franchise Conditions

Franchise Admission Fee Brand Franchise - Royalty Advertisement Contribution Fee Investment Cost Store Dimensions Assurance
1.500.000 TL 5% of Turnover 1% of Turnover Ave. 30.000TL/metersquare Min. 200 metersquare 900.000 TL
(Above amounts are valid for Istanbul and VAT exclusive.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the franchise fee? Which rights will you have by paying this fee?

The franchise fee is the amount that you pay to use the KARAFIRIN brand at your store. In return, you will obtain the right to use a registered name and logo besides the opportunity to be the sole KARAFIRIN store in a designated area. And you will have the chance to reach KARAFIRIN’s intergenerational know-how and experience. You will have the heads up about business management, sales management, equipment selection, decoration, purchasing, pricing, etc. When you become a KARAFIRIN franchise, you would have the opportunity to make use of our other franchisee’s experiences, as well. And that will avoid you from making the mistakes that they made along the way, learn from them and help you get where you want to be, faster. Franchising is a growing industry in Turkey and globally. And you are stepping in this industry with a reliable partner.

What is the "brand franchise" and why should you pay for it?

"Brand Franchise" is the amount that is paid monthly, each year. And it is % 5 of the previous year’s turnover, plus VAT. Brand Franchise entitles you to get the full rights that are mentioned in your franchise agreement until the end of term.

How does decoration process progress?

When the place of the soon-to-be-opened store is determined, all architectural design and implementation works are carried by KARAFIRIN’s designated contractors. The store is delivered to the franchisee as a turnkey business with all manufacturing and sales equipment is ready to operate instantly. It normally takes 2 or 3 months, depending on the size of the store, to deliver a store.

How do you determine the location of a store?

You can choose your store’s location from KARAFIRIN’s own portfolio, or suggest your location.

How will I obtain the products and other materials?

All goods offered in KARAFIRIN Stores are made by or supplied by KARAFIRIN LTD and are delivered to the franchisees daily.

Do I need to have any special experience or knowledge on pastry?

No, any experience, know-how or knowledge is not required to have a KARAFIRIN franchise store. Your franchise agreement with KARAFIRIN lets you direct all your motivation, energy and knowledge on delivering the best customer satisfaction possible. We will deal with manufacturing. Experiences show us that franchisees that did not have any previous experience on the pastry, competes, even get ahead with the ones that have years of experience in terms of customer satisfaction and profit.

Am I going to get any training?

Franchisees or their designated represantatives will have system training 4 weeks before the opening. Trainings will follow regularly.

Can I sell my "Franchising" rights to someone else?

If approved by KARAFIRIN, you may transfer your franchise right to someone else. However, the new franchisee shall also fulfill all requirements of being a KARAFIRIN franchisee and shall also pass through the evaluation stages successfully.

What are the steps to having a franchise?

For a start, filling in the Franchise Form fully and sending it to us would be enough. We will contact you as soon as possible.