Caucasian Grouse

The bird on our logo is a Caucasian Grouse… A brave bird, that lives upon the highest hills of mountains where it always rains... She is restrained, able to fly but most importantly, she is persistent, determined and she never gives up.

The land where Caucasian Grouse lives is almost mythical… Some houses have clouds in their gardens, magic in the air, healing in the water, abundance in the earth, blessing in the rain and muse in every breath you take…

Tea leaves are waiting to be picked, beehives to be collected… The smell of freshly baked bread in the brick ovens fills up the hills, and the locals are sincere, hard-working, humble, generous and hospitable.

As if there is an invisible bond between the local people and the misty hills. Everyone who lives in these mountain villages, in these plains knows each other. Although they are separated by the hills, they are united with tolerance. If one day life takes you to the land of Caucasian Grouse, you feel you are home, at last.

Welcome Home!