Values That Made Us

Cherish all that is alive, care for them, make them feel valued; are the pillars of our culture.

Our effort is sharing our values whenever, wherever and with whomever, we can… And being a sustainable and competitive brand in this ever-changing and transformative world. Our main goal is, to stay exactly who we were, by holding on to our core values and to be a sincere, friendly brand and a love mark.

Cultural Values

The Value Of Being One

Being ONE by sharing the same values, tolerance and helping each other and by being “ONE of a kind” individuals…


Cherish bonding with others


Being a responsible party for our stakeholders, employees, business partners and guests, and setting a platform for them to be in harmony with KARAFIRIN’s legacy for nature, society, and culture. Preserve this legacy for the sake of all parties.

Target Values

Here are the values that will take us to achieve our goals with our business partners and colleagues


Care for the needs of others, make this world a better place by making them happy… Our main priority is making every guest leave our shops with a smile on their faces.


We work hard to make anything we do a meaningful thing and create value.


We believe that the best way to improve ourselves is to be open to learning and change. While constantly learning and gaining experience, we also are aware of the value of feedback.